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Microlink ST-ST Multi-Mode Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 3 Meter

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Straight Tip (aka bayonet) connectors have been around for some time in the fiber world and not without reason. The push-on and twist style connection offers stability rarely matched in other connectors and with its metal body you did not need to worry about damage to the ST. Be cautioned though, which so ever way you connect your fiber with an ST, the connection is sturdy in that position, so you must carefully make connections here. The multimode fiber offered is duplex formatted, meaning this cable houses two individual multimode fibers, each of them running data in opposite directions and allowing for simultaneous bi-directional transmission. Further, the zipcord style cable jacketing is a tangle free solution for your cable run and makes for neat and clean applications. Try the ST to ST, your connection won’t be going anywhere.


Cable Diameter: 3.0mm duplex zipcord
Low back reflection and insertion loss
Premium quality ceramic ferrule for best performance
Cable Material: PVC
Fiber Type: Multimode 62.5/125 (OM1)
Insertion Loss (Typical): 0.15 dB
Insertion Loss (Maximum): 0.30 dB
Operational Temperature: -20*C to +70*C
100% Fully Tested
RoHS Compliant
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